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A new political era is under way for business in Pennsylvania - one requiring total attention to federal and state government to ensure your success

New! Affordable Government Relations for organizations with the LEAP Program!


  • Full-service governmental affairs representation
  • Trouble-shooting for short-term legislative, agency or corporate problems
  • Long-term legislative and business planning on issues affecting your interests and concerns
  • Association Management and full-range planning and development to monitor your needs
  • Monitoring legislation and regulations affecting your business or association in the General Assembly
  • Strategies for long-term political goals and participation in the development fo public relations and image enhancements materials
  • Singel Associates is working with law firms in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Regions of the Commonwealth to insure that all inquiries and legal matters will be efficiently handled by our office.
  • Consultation with a top accounting firm in the Commonwealth to provide you with proper business planning for your long-term legislative needs

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